Tax terrorism widespread, pressurizes people: TV Mohandas Pai

Chairman, Manipal Global Education, TV Mohandas Pai. (Image | Reuters)

Ever since CCD founder VG Siddhartha passed away, TV Mohandas Pai (chairman, Manipal Global Education) has become more vocal about tax harassment.

He said business fraternity all across the nation has responded overwhelmingly to his tax department’s excesses criticism. He claimed that his WhatsApp has been flooded with messages from people thanking him and sharing their bad experiences.

He added that he was shocked to find that the issue has spread all the more.

VG Siddhartha had alleged harassment from lenders and tax authorities in a letter purportedly written by him.

He said the Income Tax Department attached “our shares on two separate occasions to block our Mindtree deal and then taking position of our Coffee Day shares, although revised returns have been filed by us”.

As per a Times of India report, Mohandas stated that many a times he has been told by people that when they go to the I-T department, they are told that they better pay up. The officers say they have a target to achieve. He wonders if there’s an incentive to reach the target.

Pai also added that officers are helpless as the Central Board of Direct Taxes continuously puts pressure on them and threaten to transfer them on failing to meet the set target.

He criticised department’s move to issue a press release in Siddhartha’s case giving details about the matter insensitive.