‘Our Students will dominate JEE Main ranking’: Kota Coaching Centres

JEE Main

JEE Main is an entrance exam for getting admissions like top colleges and universities like IITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology), NIITs (National Institute of Technology), SFIs (Self-Financed Institute), CFTIs (Centrally Funded Technical Institute), and other central board colleges. This exam will be conducted by the NTA from 2019 onwards. First session of JEE Main exam will be conducted in January 2019.

Eligibility: Candidates who have obtained 75% of marks and above in their 12 standard board examination are eligible for JEE Main exam (65% of marks and above for the SC/ST candidates).

Candidates can prepare through coaching centers, books, e-books, online youtube channels, etc. for JEE Main examination. Most of the students prefer coaching centers to know the concepts and syllabus practically through the trained professionals in the coaching centers.

Kota Coaching Centers

Most of the Students in Kota prefer coaching centers to get training and practice for this exam. Kota Coaching centers students will always dominate all India JEE Main top rankings. Some of the top Kota coaching centers for JEE Main exam preparations are:

  • Allen Career Institute
  • Vibrant Academy
  • Bansal Classes
  • Motion IIT JEE
  • Resonance
  • Career Point
  • Nucleus Education

These institutes help students to understand all about the JEE Main exam syllabus and concepts. Kota coaching centers has recorded top-most 100 ranks in the JEE Main.

Allen Career Institute

Rankings: 4.3/5

Allen Career Institute are unique and give best results in JEE Main previous years. Allen Career Institute has designed the course structure based on the state board where students can easily score high marks in this exam. At least the top merit 10 ranks will get by the Allen Students. Allen has separate subject experts for each subject of JEE Main exam. This helps students to understand each and every concept of the syllabus covered in this exam.

Top Selections:

  • 26,660 students got selected in the JEE Main 2016 Exam through Allen Career Institute
    • 15,107 students got selected in the JEE Main 2017 Exam through Allen Career Institute

    Nucleus Education

    Rankings: 4.5/5

    Nucleus Education is a premier institute which educates students for preparing JEE Main and advanced exam. It helps with the coursework and provides an understanding of all the concepts through the professionals.

    Top rankings:

    • Rank 3 in top 20 AIR
    • Rank 8 in top 100 AIR
    • Rank 19 in top 500 AIR
    • Rank 29 in top 1000 AIR


    Rankings: 4.2/5

    Resonance Institute helps you to achieve your dream to get admissions in IITs, GFTs, and NIITs colleges. Students can also become an architect and get placed based on the JEE Main exam through resonance institute. The resoStep Scholarship program also available.

    Top rankings:

    • Pawan Goyal – Rank 8 in the JEE Main 2018 exam (general category)
    • Sukhmanjit Singh Mann – Rank 81 in the JEE Main 2018 exam (general category)
    • Ayush Srivastava – Rank 108 in the JEE Main 2018 exam (general category)

    Vibrant Academy

    Rankings: 4.5/5

    Vibrant Academy has Googol JEE Main and Advanced entrance exam preparation course. This course is available for English and Hindi students. This course helps students to understand all concepts of JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced through subject professionals.

    Top rankings:

    • Sahil Jain – AIR 2 in JEE 2018
    • Mennal Parakh – AIR 6 in JEE 2018
    • Suraj VA – AIR 5 in JEE 2017

    Career Point

    Rankings: 4.1/5

    JEE Main Fresher course for standard XII and Target course for who already attempted the XII exam or passed can join the Career Point institute in Kota. In this course, students can develop the foundation of all concepts, increases the reasoning skills and question-solving skills, and excel in the performance of JEE Main exam.

    Top rankings:

    • Arpit Agarwal – AIR 9 rank in JEE Main 2012
    • Sameer Pande – AIR 68 rank in JEE Main 2017

    Motion IIT JEE

    Rankings: 4.2/5

    Motion IIT JEE institute has three courses for JEE Main exam. Target course for XII students those are passed in their examination. Fresher course for XII students those are attempted in their board examination. Foundation course for X students those are moving to the XI class. 40% of this institute students got top ranks from 2013 to 2016 in JEE Main exam.

    Top rankings:

    • 1 rank in the top 100 JEE Main 2018 rankings
    • 28 ranks in the top 1000 JEE Main 2018 rankings
    • 1152 ranks in the top 50,000 JEE Main 2018 rankings

    Bansal Classes

    Rankings: 4.1/5

    Bansal Classes Institute conduct Target program a duration of one year for the XII passed out students. In this course, students were trained through theory classes, monthly test to enhance their confidence level, and daily practice problem-solving session to get rid of all doubts. Bansal has well-experienced faculties where students can gain more knowledge and get excellence to achieve in JEE Main exam.

    Top rankings:

    10 ranks in the top 1000 JEE Main 2018 rankings

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