South Dakota teen with brain cancer given OK to walk at graduation

In this May 23, 2017 photo, Laura Polanco and daughter, Meredith Erck comfort each other while recalling months of fighting Erck's brain tumor while she tried to complete her high school course work in Rapid City, S.D.

School officials in Rapid City, South Dakota, have changed their minds and agreed to let a teen with brain cancer walk with her peers at graduation.

Officials had originally said that 17-year-old Central High student Meredith Erck could not participate in Sunday’s ceremony because she’s six credits short of graduation requirements. Erck wanted to walk across the graduation stage with her twin brother, who faced his own brush with cancer.

The Rapid City Journal reports that the school district reversed itself after an outpouring of support for Erck.

She was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015, and previously had colon cancer. Her illness prevented her from completing all of her classes on time.

[Source:- foxnews]