Polytechnic Offers More Practical Knowledge of a Subject

Polytechnic is a technical diploma course comprising of specialised streams of science, engineering, technology and sundry other technical subjects. Quality Polytechnic Colleges in UP or for that matter quality polytechnic college anywhere else in India offer an extensive array of specialisations related to civil engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, electronics and communication engineering, hotel management, library science, mass communication, pharmacy and PG diploma in Computer Applications among others. In other words a subject included in polytechnic is same as that of engineering though the diploma is of a shorter duration as compared to a full-fledged engineering degree. The primary benefit offered by diploma part from its short duration is that you get more practical knowledge of your subject. During your first year of diploma, you will be taught subjects like physics, chemistry, drawing, language, maths, etc. The subjects irrespective of the stream are same for all students.  Second year onwards the subject will vary according to the stream or specialisation you have chosen.

Educational qualification

Students aspiring for admission in polytechnic must have completed their class 10 board exam with at least 50 per cent marks. Candidates can also pursue their course after passing Intermediate exams with at least 50 per cent marks. However, candidates seeking admission in PG diploma in computer applications and Diploma in Mass Communication need to have completed their graduation degree.

Poly technic courses are a real boon for students who wish to join a technical field of study that will give them more exposure right after they have completed or passed their class X exam with requisite grade. Polytechnic courses offer good scope for the students to complete their education early, and join the workforce. As mentioned above they can take admission in a polytechnic right after their matriculation. With less expenditure on polytechnic education, one can earn more than 2 lakhs per annum in any industry at the beginning of their career. Students also enjoy the option of going for higher education after completion of their diploma.

Some of the important benefits of enrolling in a polytechnic college of good reputation are as following:

Students after completion of their diploma course can opt for higher studies and join an engineering program. Also, students those who completed polytechnic course can join directly second year engineering course by writing ESET entrance exam. This is expected to saves both your time and money. Also, polytechnic courses are more oriented towards practical aspects of things. In fact, polytechnic courses offered by good polytechnic colleges in Delhi NCR or for that matter quality polytechnic institutes located anywhere in India is expected to be more practical and are more application oriented. The inclination is more towards practical than theory helping students to pick up the nuances of their discipline more efficiently. It is going to help them do well in actual industrial settings where they can immediately put their skills to use.

Another very important advantage of studying polytechnic is that it makes studying of engineering relatively easier. Most of the subjects you study during your diploma course is most likely to be there in your engineering. Study of engineering as such will be relatively easy after completing polytechnic.Companies are increasingly looking for competent polytechnic students as compared to engineering students as they more or less bring same level of expertise at a much lower salary.