Pokemon Go Is Starting to Roll Out Now

UPDATE: Pokemon Go is now live on the iPhone App Store in Australia and New Zealand

Pokemon Go was recently in a closed beta, but the official version is starting to roll out on iOS and Android devices in some regions. If you’re in North America, you can download and play it from the Google Play store at this link. We’ll update this article as Pokemon Go makes its way to more territories.

The AR game is free with microtransactions, though if you want to catch Pokemon without unlocking your phone, you can buy a $35 optional accessory. The accessory vibrates when a Pokemon is nearby, at which point you’ll have to press a button to catch the creature.

If you’re planning on playing Pokemon Go, it would be a good idea to check out GameSpot’s article on essential facts you’ll need to know before jumping in. It covers where to find Pokemon, how to hatch eggs and evolve, and the in-game Pokemon Gyms.

[Source:- pcgamer]