A perfect 10 isn’t enough. Gymnast wows the internet with her flawless routine

Katelyn Ohashi, Gymnastics

US gymnast Katelyn Ohashi has won the netizens’s hearts with her beaming smile and perfect routine. (@uclagymnastics Photo)

US gymnast Katelyn Ohashi has sent the internet into a meltdown with her scintillating routine at the Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim, USA, for which she received a perfect scoring. With her beaming smile and awe-inspiring moves, University of California (UCLA) gymnast Ohashi has won the hearts of the netizens.

UCLA Gymnastics official Twitter handle posted the video of Ohashi’s routine and internet could not help but gush over her moves, her confidence and notice just how much she was enjoying her performance.

A perfect 10 in floor exercise is reserved for the absolutely flawless and Ohashi managed a performance that impressed the judges so much that they gave her the ideal score.

What made Ohashi’s routine special on the song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ was just how interactive it was and how she danced in between her exercises with utmost ease and absolute fun.

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UCLA Gymnastics


A 🔟 isn’t enough for this floor routine by @katelyn_ohashi. 🔥


11:14 AM – Jan 13, 2019
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After her performance, Ohashi ran towards her team and shared hi5s with her teammates before the perfect scores were revealed and she received big hugs from her team.

There was a particular move in her routine where she executed a perfect split and immediately got up and stood at her feet. The netizens could not believe what they saw and were completely in awe.

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bourgeois little prude@Saraurora
Replying to @uclagymnastics @katelyn_ohashi

THIS BIT?!?!?!?!!?! HOW?!?!?!?!! MAGIC!!??!??!?!


3:03 AM – Jan 14, 2019
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Replying to @LizzyFlora and 6 others

No way, nope, nooo, not gonna happen, nein, I refuse, or as we say in spanish slang here in Baja: nel.

Amazing routine, had not seen something like it since uuuff quite a lot of years. Perhaps someday I get to see her in person performing that mind blowing routine.

Saludos 🙂


1:55 PM – Jan 14, 2019
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Valerie Bertinelli


Replying to @uclagymnastics @katelyn_ohashi

No. It is not. 🔥 Holy Moly that final landing. Ouch.


1:30 AM – Jan 14, 2019
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Matthew Crisp@MCrisp21
Replying to @uclagymnastics @katelyn_ohashi

The amount of fun @katelyn_ohashi appears to be having and how relaxed she looks is what it’s all about. Phenomenal, so much fun to watch this team compete.


7:59 PM – Jan 13, 2019
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Lara 💜@geekylara
Replying to @uclagymnastics

This is a great mix of happy, epic and badass. 👏👏👏


6:27 PM – Jan 13, 2019
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Replying to @emme812 and 6 others

I’m going to add that she performs so joyfully. Once in my life I’d like to feel that sort of whole body joy like she does. Good for her. I’m so happy for her. I can’t imagine the amount of work she’s put in over the years to be able to do that.


3:23 AM – Jan 14, 2019
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Queen MKB@queenmkb
Replying to @uclagymnastics @katelyn_ohashi

She was never alone! Her team was in every move every jump tumble every spin: 😭😍😭😱😘 She already won but I hope they gave her the gold so she could share it with them. Beautiful!


12:12 AM – Jan 14, 2019
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Ohashi had also created headlines last year for her Michael Jackson-inspired performance and is the reigning NCAA co-champion in floor exercises. She was also a 2018 NCAA team champion.

Before UCLA, Ohashi competed at the elite level of gymnastics until she injured her back and shoulder. Because of her injuries, she decided to compete on the college level.