Nintendo NX Graphics ‘Between a PS3 and PS4’, to Get Mario and Pokemon Soon After Launch

Nintendo NX Graphics 'Between a PS3 and PS4', to Get Mario and Pokemon Soon After Launch

Aside from being a handheld and reportedly working with smartphone games, it seems that Nintendo is rallying its best game franchises for the NX launch.

And while the company is yet to officially unveil its new console or the games it will have aside from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, sources say that Pokemon and Mario will be available as well.

“Developer Game Freak will bring Pokémon to the platform, while Nintendo’s first party titles include the previously announced Zelda game – Breath of the Wild – and a new Mario game,” posted UK games business site MCV citing those close to Nintendo. What’s telling is that these three games are “scheduled to appear within the first six months of the machine’s life.”

MCV’s sources also corroborated Eurogamer’s report that claimed the NX will be a portable console, stating it is “100 percent accurate.”

In terms of tech don’t expect it to be on par with current generation consoles. The NX’s visuals will be “somewhere between a PS3 and PS4”. No surprise considering that it’s rumoured to run a Nvidia Tegra mobile chip.

“It’s a nice bit of kit, a bit of a novelty, but a good one,” said an industry insider who tried out the machine to MCV. “It won’t appeal to PS4 fans. Nintendo seems set on trying to upgrade smartphone gamers. That’s going to be a big job for the marketing department.”

Nintendo is slated to unveil the NX in September with plans for a March 2017 launch.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]