Net loss: Kejriwal launches free WiFi scheme as Delhi internet services snapped

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal picked a bad day to inaugurate a free WiFi scheme in the capital.

Although he had no way of foreseeing it, Internet services were snapped in parts of the region today in an attempt to contain ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

And Kejriwal sees the irony: he said what had happened was paradoxical.

He said people were “scared” as 70 per cent of them had no documents to prove their citizenship.

There’s no need for the amended citizenship law, he said, adding that the central government needs to focus on providing jobs to the youth.


Kejriwal said his government plans to use 11,000 free WiFi hotspots to cover the whole city.

“This is a very important step towards making Delhi a modern world class city,” he said in a tweet.

Telecom operators suspended internet, voice and messaging services in parts of Delhi-NCR today following instructions from the police.

Nineteen metro stations, including Rajiv Chowk at Connaught Place, were closed.

A number of public figures, such as activist-politician Yogendra Yadav, have been detained.