Microsoft Edge for Android Brings Adblock Plus Integration to Beta Users

Microsoft Edge for Android Brings Adblock Plus Integration to Beta Users


  • Microsoft Edge for Android has received Adblock Plus integration
  • It is available on the latest beta version of Edge browser
  • The integration helps block ads and pop-ups

Microsoft Edge for Android has received Adblock Plus integration to let you easily block unwanted ads and disturbing pop-ups. The new feature surfaces on a new beta build that carries version 42.0.02055. Notably, Microsoft Edge on Windows computers has been supporting AdBlock and Adblock Plus extensions since May 2016. Adblock Plus has over 100 million active users. Earlier this week, the Edge browser on Android devices received an update with a feature that allowed users with Microsoft family accounts to allow and block certain websites. The update also included a sign in feature for users with a school and work account.

As spotted by folks at MSPowerUser, the latest Microsoft Edge beta for Android has the Adblock Plus integration to offer an easy way to block ads. You just need to enable the feature by going to Settings Block Content menu. The integration enables blocking of ads that are being served through websites as well as via services such as YouTube. It also blocks pop-ups that appear on certain sites.

Vishnu Nath, Head of Program Management, Microsoft Mobility Experiences, confirmed the development through a tweet. However, it appears that the integration is not yet live for all Microsoft Edge users and is presently rolling out for select beta testers. You can in the meantime download the latest Microsoft Edge version on your Android by visiting Google Play and anticipate the new feature. At the time of writing, admission to the Edge beta testing programme on Google Play was closed.

The latest Microsoft Edge version on Android devices brings the ability to let Microsoft family account holders allow and block websites. This was previously limited to PCs. The feature essentially helps parents and guardians restrict access to certain websites. With its availability on Android devices, the feature now also lets users parents and guardians having a Microsoft family account to see what all the websites they’ve already allowed or blocked on the Edge browser. Furthermore, the latest version has a sign in option for a school and work accounts and includes some performance improvements.