Marvel Games is “sharing your concerns” about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance with Activision

The action-adventure Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its sequel, MUA2, were recently re-released, which should have been happy news—the originals were pretty good stuff, after all. Alas, as James explains here, the ports turned out to be a “shoddy bargain bin redux” update of the originals that’s “laughable” for the $60 bundle ($40 individually) they’re being sold for on Steam. Ouch.

There’s not much to be done about their underlying foundation—a port of an old game will always be, at its core, an old game—but plentiful bugs and a half-assed effort are an entirely different matter, and on that front it sounds like there’s something being done. Bill Rosemann, the creative director at Marvel Games and “your man at Marvel,” took to Twitter to assure people that their complaints are being heard.

That’s a far cry from “working furiously to get them fixed,” but it’s a start. And according to GameInformer, at least one issue, involving Xbox One achievements that weren’t properly unlocking, has been fixed. That doesn’t do us any good, but it is a concrete indicator that the wheels are turning. I’ve emailed Activision to ask about more PC-specific happenings, and I’ll update if and when I receive a reply.
[Source:- pcgamer]