What to Look for in Bongs under $100

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It doesn’t matter whether you are buying your first bong or your 100th bong, it is a daunting prospect. There are so many different options to choose from, considering glass thickness, designs, percolators, styles, and materials, and this may leave you feeling quite overwhelmed with the choices available to you. Even narrowing it down to bongs under $100 will still leave you with a great amount of choice.

Considerations to Make for Bongs Under $100

First of all, you have to consider the style. There are recyclers, beakers, and straight tubes. The latter clear very quickly and has a really dense smoke. Beaker is not as dense but has more volume. The rigs are bigger but it is more difficult to clear. A recycler is most appropriate if you smoke concentrates as the water is recycled. It is unlikely that you will find a good recycler for less than $100.

Next, you’ll have to consider the thickness of the bong. If you are opting for a silicone model, you essentially get what you are given. If you choose glass, then you do have a lot of options available. If you opt for a glass model and you know it will remain in the same room, than the thickness is not as important. However, the clumsier you and your friends are and the more often you take it out of the room, the thicker you will want the glass to be. In fact, you may want to consider silicone.

You also have to think about the percolator and you will quickly realize that there is no agreement on which type is best. Rather, you will need to find your personal favorite and you are likely to stick to that forever. The two things are important in a percolator are the amount of drag and the smoothness. If you are quite new to this, then you might not need a calculator at all. However, you should never choose a model that has lots of percolators because it will create so much drag that you will struggle to clear the chamber. Your options are:

  1. The honeycomb, which has minimal drag and great filtration and is therefore also the most popular.
  2. The tree, which also has minimal drag and excellent filtration and is therefore also very popular.
  3. The shower head, which has mediocre smoothness and filtration while also having minimal drag.
  4. The inline, which has an average drug but quite good filtration. This is perfect for a dab rig.
  5. The turbine, which has more drag than a shower head but also mediocre filtration.

Hopefully, these hints and tips will have helped you to make a decision in terms of which bong is best for your needs. If you are on a limited budget, then the tips above are really the most important to consider. Additionally, your personal experience with these devices is important as is your personal preference. Make sure you speak to your local head shop for more advice.

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