In Litigation, The Margins Between Winning and Losing are Razor Thin

Many lawyers advise their clients that it is a major risk to take a case to trial. Whether they are the plaintiff or the defendant, going to trial is always going to be a scary proposition because no one can predict what a jury will do when they get into a room. Jury members are known to think on their own, and juries can sometimes get away from even the best lawyer. The margins, they say, are very thin between winning and losing. This is especially true in a civil trial, where both parties may have valid arguments and the evidentiary barrier is much lower.

What separates a winning lawyer from a losing one? Many lawyers would argue that it’s the strength of their case that primary determines their outcome. A good lawyer with a bad case has little chance, while a bad lawyer with good facts can come out on top. In reality, though, it’s all about how well a lawyer can prepare before going to court. The best lawyers recognize that when they go into litigation, they need to have a team to support them throughout the process.

This is why many lawyers have been turning to specialists to help them get the best results for their clients. A litigation support specialist is a person who comes with a special set of skills just for going to battle in court. This service is provided by consulting firms who have learned what works and what does not. These are individuals who can help with jury selection, with graphics design, with expert witness selection and much more. The goal of any good litigation support expert is to be the trusted adviser to a lawyer who truly cares about winning.

The best lawyers know that spending a little bit of money up front can save them tremendously on the back end. Given that the margins in any litigation are very thin, it is often the willingness to spend up that will give a lawyer a great chance to win. Something as simple as hiring a specialist can give a lawyer an excellent chance to walk away with a win while the competition is left to wonder where they went wrong. As the best lawyers can attest, going to trial is never certain, but having the right support can make a difference.