Legality of the drug CLenbuterol

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Clenbuterol has validity in many countries but banned or controlled in some countries. The FDA in the US has not quite approved as a therapeutic drug. It has banned its use in competitive sports by humans as animals especially in horse racing. But it can be used in the treatment of asthma and respiratory disorders in horses. But in the United Kingdom and Canada it is not illegal to use for personal use and it is under the controlled substances drug act where in large amounts of clenbuterol found in one’s possession may account for arrest as it may be intended it was for supply.

There are illegal underground labs manufacturing clenbuterol which may be counterfeit and dangerous for usage as it may not meet the drug and food standards that have to be maintained for human consumption and may lead to serious health issues or even death in some cases. There may be an illegal import of clen from Mexico and Canada into US. It may not be right drug or contaminated one so user’s health is at risk in purchasing some of these without a authentic supplier validity. It has some approval in European countries, Russia, Bulgaria, China etc. since it has a completely different mechanism of action and works extremely well for weight loss. However, before getting started with this supplement, it is important for one to know the legality of this drug alongside its benefits and side effects.

Legality to buy in U.K

This drug comes under the class C of drugs act in the U.K. It is one of the most popular drugs used in U.K for burning fat. But to get authentic suppliers is very difficult.

Since many gyms and training centres provide you with clen there is an ambiguity about its legality as many really don’t know the current status of legal repercussions that can follow if you buy, use or sell or supply clen in U.K.

But according to the law it cannot be purchased for human consumption so hence its illegal and now if you must of got it that the stuff that the trainer supplies you at the gym is illegal then you better beware of the consequences. But there is a ray of hope to the users that you can buy clen from other countries for personal usage without a prescription without the intention of supplying it to others and you could possess it for personal use.

Since it is not found in the local stores and cannot be bought due to the current legal status in U.K., it can be procured online and mostly sourced from North America or Europe. USA is the safest place to get your orders from as there won’t be a fear of seizing your supply unlike the cheaper ones from India or China which may get stuck in the customs hassles.

There are alternatives for clen found in UK who don’t feel right to import it from other countries and afraid of penalties imposed. Since for personal consumption there is no hassle involved in the country only commercial distribution is not allowed.

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