India’s No. 1 Business Magazine – Business Today undergoes Digital Transformation

Nation’s most loved, trusted, awarded and viewed news brand India Today Group reinforced its strong publishing legacy by earmarking a fresh start and re-launching Business Today Magazine. The Group’s No. 1 Business Magazine- Business Today has undergone a content refresh which is a part of Business Today’s Digital First’ philosophy. Being a pioneer in digital news, the fast news updates and snacky’ business coverage will all feature on the web while the magazine will focus on its core strength of insight, depth and perspective.

As per the new integration, stories will first go on digital format, while a more thorough version will be available in the regular magazine format. The platform will share all insights, updates and other information which is critical for anyone in the service or business industry. The changes in the magazine has been introduced in the current issue Business Today Best CEO’s’ which is available both online and on stands.

Speaking about the Magazine’s transition, Chairperson & Editor-in-Chief of India Today Group Aroon Purie said, Our presence on the web is the fulcrum of this change as it brings you the latest on business and economy via stories, podcasts, videos, infographics and slideshows making full use of the multi-media potential of the digital platform. While the magazine keeps its traditional role of knowing and providing you greater insight, depth and perspective on all aspects of Business. I hope you enjoy the Digital First’ Business Today in all its forms.

Some of the key changes in BT magazine are elucidated below:

THE POINT: The Buzz section will be replaced with graphics – essentially digital-ready data and graphics that would capture the state of the economy and businesses every fortnight.

TECHNOLOGY: It’s about the business of technology and how technology is impacting different areas of the Indian businesses and economy and how companies are coping with the tech transformation; Personal Tech moves over to the web as Digital First.

NETWORK: This will replace the current Break Out Zone and focus on the life and times of the rich and famous; including their interests, gossip, etc.

BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT (Last page): This replaces Leaderspeak’. We ask a CEO about what the issue was he was grappling with, who did he approach and how did the advice help.

India Today Group has also been Digitally No. 1 in online news consumption according to COMSCORE’s latest report titled Trends in Online News Consumption published in Nov 2019. India Today Group and its digital platforms are known for their vast outreach across news consumers spanning pan-India and globe.