Hyper Light Drifter Updated With Multiplayer Beta

Hyper Light Drifter developer Heart Machine has unexpectedly added a beta for a cooperative mode to the action RPG. As explained on the game’s Steam page, the mode was cut months before the game was launched on PC due to time-constraints, but will be reintroduced.

This beta will be available until May 2 at 1 AM EST. Heart Machine plans to compile and implement all the feedback, then officially release a new version of the game with the mode included.

“[We] have since gone back to because it’s a lot of fun and felt worthwhile to take the time to complete,” it said.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get access to the Hyper Light Drifter beta:

  • Right click on Hyper Light in your Steam Library, then navigate to Properties > Betas tab, click the drop down and select “coop”
  • You’ll need at least one controller — P1 can use [keyboard and mouse], P2 controller, or you can both use your own controllers.
  • To turn on co-op on, enter the pause menu, select “settings,” and the first option will be “Co-Op” to switch on or off.
  • You won’t earn achievements while playing in co-op.

In GameSpot’s Hyper Light Drifter review, critic Kevin VanOrd gave the game 9/10.

“I vanquished the final boss after six or seven hours, but I’m still exploring, hoping to find every last crevice, every opening I’ve missed, every invisible platform,” he said. “There are untold stories lurking out there. And once I have uncovered them, I hope Hyper Light Drifter’s community has multitudes more to share.”