HTC U11 to get Bluetooth 5.0 support: Will offer seamless wireless transmission and more

HTC U11 to get Bluetooth 5.0 support via software update

While the smartphone was launched in May 2017, the company somehow missed out on the new Bluetooth feature. However, now HTC seems to have decided to update its smartphone to Bluetooth 5.0 and provide its users a better user experience. A report from Ausdroid notes that HTC has submitted a filing in the US FCC and the application states that the company has plans to “enable Bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change.” Well, this is indeed good news for HTC U11 (review) owners and HTC fans as with the new support, the smartphone will offer greater speed and nearly four times the range as Bluetooth 4.2. Besides users will be able to maintain connections with devices up to approximately 240 meters away from the phone and the smartphone will also offer 8 times the broadcasting message capacity over Bluetooth 4.2-sporting devices. All in all, Bluetooth 5.0 also makes the wireless transmission seamless and versatile. And once the update hits the devices HTC will be able to boast support for the latest version of the wireless transmission technology Bluetooth 5.0. However, it is still not clear when the update will exactly be rolled out. It could arrive sometime in the near future as it has made its way through the FCC. And this time HTC is not making any hardware changes to U11 but only adding a software update. So the roll out could happen soon once FCC gives its approval.