How To Develop The Right Study Plan For JEE Main 2020?

The aim of every engineering aspirant in India is to clear JEE exams and secure a seat in some of the top IITs and other prestigious institutions. However, clearing JEE is not an easy task mainly because the questions asked in the exam are very tricky and you have to be sharp in analyzing the problems as well as answering them. Having said that, to achieve success in the exam you will need to develop a proper study plan which takes into account all the important factors related to the exam including the JEE syllabus, exam pattern, study materials amongst others. When you develop an effective and disciplined preparation strategy you will be much closer to becoming an IIT JEE ranker.

If you looking for ways to improve your learning and stay ahead in the competition then you can go through this article to know some of the effective preparation tips on how to crack JEE Main exam 2020. These tips will significantly help you develop a proper strategy for the exam. Let’s get started.

Get Hold Of The Syllabus And Read It Thoroughly

The first thing that you should do is get hold of the syllabus and get a complete overview of it. You should not ignore the syllabus but go through it and you will gain a lot of valuable insights. You will get to know the important topics, course objectives, exam pattern, marking schemes and other important details. Once you are aware of these things you will be able to develop a proper study plan.

Manage Your Time

Time is one of the important factors in JEE preparation. You should manage your time properly. You can analyze how you are spending your time and then develop a suitable timetable for studying wherein you will be able to cover the whole syllabus and also have enough time for revision. Alternatively, start your JEE preparation as early as possible.

Avoid Copying Others

You should know that every candidate has their own set of cognitive capabilities and studying skills. The point here is that you should not copy others and imitate their preparation method or study plan. You should study in a way that is best for you – at your own pace and style.

Understand The Exam Pattern And Question Types

If you want to develop a fitting study plan then you must have a good understanding of the exam pattern as well as the types of questions that are asked in the exam. A very good and easy way to do this is by getting hold of the question papers and attempting mock tests. By solving the question papers, you will be able to figure out not only the exam pattern but you will get to know the question paper format,  types of questions, marking scheme, duration of the exam and other details. Writing the mock tests will also give you a clear picture of the exam setup and how it is conducted. You can then prepare accordingly.

These are some important points that you can follow to develop a strong study plan for IIT JEE 2020. Remember preparation is key to achieving success in the exam. Stay focused on your goal and put your best foot forward.

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