Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Preorder Bonuses and Deluxe Edition Revealed

The PS4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is set for a February 2017 release, and if you’re confident enough to spend your money early, you can pick up a few bonuses for preordering it.

The Nora Machine Trapper pack is the universal preorder bonus that you’ll get with Horizon: Zero Dawn no matter where you buy it. It’s a resource pack that comes with modifications for protagonist Aloy’s weapon and outfit, in addition to crafting resources. Those who purchase it from GameStop/EB Games will also get the Nora Lookout Outfit and Longshot Bow.

The Digital Deluxe edition costs $70 and gets you two resource packs, the Carja Trader and the Banuk Traveller; two outfits, the Carja Storm Ranger and the Banuk Trailblazer; and two weapons, the Carja Mighty Bow and the Banuk Culling Bow. It also comes with the Nora Machine Trader pack, a digital art book, and a PS4 theme. You can check it all out in the picture above.

Another option you can go with is the $120 Collector’s edition, which comes with a nine-inch statue and a 48-page art book.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was shown during Sony’s E3 press conference. The demo featured its gorgeous setting and new abilities. We got to go hands-on with Horizon, and you can read our preview here.

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