Heroes of the Storm Adding Overwatch-Style Post-Game Awards Screen

Heroes of the Storm will soon introduce a new post-game commendations system similar to what’s seen in another Blizzard game, Overwatch.

Following the conclusion of a match (except for Custom games), a single player will be highlighted as the MVP, with his or her stats and accomplishments shown on screen. The game then advances to another screen where the MVP and four other players are given the spotlight for managing different accomplishments–capturing the most Mercenary camps or turning in the most coins on Blackheart’s Bay.


As in Overwatch, these players can be from the winning or losing team. Everyone can vote for the player they want to call attention to or, as Blizzard puts it, give a “virtual thumbs-up.”

This feature was first revealed back at Gamescom, though there weren’t many details shared at the time. Instead, Blizzard’s focus for HotS was on all of the new content on the way. That includes a StarCraft-themed event, which will seenew maps and characters brought to the game–including another one from Overwatch.

The MVP and commendation system will arrive as part of HotS’ “next major patch,” which is due out soon.


Some of the possible awards available follow below. You can see more in the image above.

  • Headhunter: Most Mercenary camps captured.
  • Bulwark: Most damage taken by a Warrior Hero.
  • Cannonneer: Most Core damage done on Towers of Doom.
  • Moneybags: Most coins turned in on Blackheart’s Bay.
  • Stunner: Longest combined Stun time against enemy Heroes.                                                                       [Source:- gamespot]