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Want to enhance your barbecue experience and enjoy tasty mouth-watering foods? This Arctic Monsoon Stainless Steel Smoker Box is the easiest way to infuse your barbecue with that delicious smoky flavor. Simply soak wood chunks or chips, add to the box, and place it atop your grill to get started. No matter if you use a charcoal, wood, electric or gas grill, your food will taste better than ever.

  • Infuse your barbecue w/ a delicious smoky flavor
  • Use for smoking fish, meat, chicken, steak, or pork
  • Avoid over-smoking & flaring w/ the solid bottom
  • Designed for use w/ charcoal, wood, electric & gas grills
  • Create unique dishes w/ smoky flavors that compliment the other ingredients

Note: Wood chips not included.

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Not everybody loves corn on the cob, so rather than trying to shave the kernels off clumsily with a knife, give the corn stripper a try instead. This clever device strips a cob with a stainless steel blade while catching the kernels right in an attached container. Want to put some corn in your salad? Now you can with complete ease!

  • Easily strips corn kernels off cobs & collects in a container
  • Convenient top opening allows you to dump kernels in soup or salad
  • Container separates for easy cleaning