Google’s Pixels will soon be in T-Mobile stores, just not for sale

T-Mobile seems to really like Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, despite not being able to sell them to its customers because of that pesky Verizon exclusivity. We’ve already seen the magenta carrier offer a pretty enticing value proposition for those Pixel owners who switch to its network, essentially giving you $325 to make the jump.

And now a new rumor comes to let us know that T-Mobile will be upping its Pixel game. It’s expected to announce, today or tomorrow, that some of its retail stores will soon have Pixel display units. So you can walk into your friendly neighborhood T-Mobile location and check out Google’s latest and greatest in person.

You won’t, however, be able to buy a Pixel on the spot from the T-Mobile store – nor online from the magenta carrier. To make this odd situation somewhat easier to swallow for people who like the Pixels and want to purchase one or more after playing with them in a T-Mobile store, the carrier’s employees will help with the process of ordering from the Play Store. They will also direct people who actually want to grab a Pixel from a physical store to the nearest Best Buy.

The TMo sales reps will obviously push the aforementioned Pixel promo to those who are interested in the phones, hoping to gain new subscribers with this strategy. The “sources familiar with T-Mobile’s plans” who shared this information don’t know whether the magenta carrier will ever directly sell Google’s smartphones.

[Source:- gsmarena]