Gears Director Bleszinski Criticizes DOOM’s Executions

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Former Gears of War Director Cliff Bleszinski (sometimes referred to as Cliffy B) is not one to shy away from the spotlight. Whether it’s debuting new footage for Gears of War 3 on-stage or even offering harsh criticisms of Microsoft’s DRM plan for the Xbox One, Bleszinski has an interesting perspective to offer games – that of a developer who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

This week, Bleszinski joined the rest of the gaming population by checking out the new DOOM from id Software. As some with a long history in first person shooters, Bleszinski seems like a perfect choice to critique the game, however he didn’t have many negative things to say.

The only substantial criticism that the former Gears of War director had to say about DOOM was that the game relies on executions a little too much. Executions, or Glory Kills as they are officially titled in DOOM, are cinematic moments wherein the player character enacts a little extra damage on a demon.While Bleszinski has no problem with the design of the Glory Kills, his criticisms stem from what they do to the pacing of DOOM. Because id Software has designed the game to be fast-paced and brutal, the idea of stopping to watch an execution animation every few seconds hinders that.

It’s also important to note that the game actually encourages players to go for Glory Kills because they offer health and ammo upon completion. So, players may prioritize the ultra violent action in an effort to stay safe, and thereby slow down their progress through levels.

Some will obviously be quick to point out Gears of War’s executions and how those tend to slow down the action as well. However, the main difference between Gears and DOOM is that aforementioned pace. Gears was a much slower game, where players would move between cover and slowly pick away at the Locust threat. The new DOOM, on the other hand, has mantling, double jumping, and a handful of other fast movement options.

Ultimately, Bleszinski has more good to say about the game than bad. His one criticism is obviously raised with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but the pacing thing is something we noticed as well. Stay tuned for Game Rant’s full DOOM review early next week, where we will share our full thoughts on the upcoming game.