Even Firefighters Need To Get A Second Job

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It is not a secret that the rights of firefighters are in debate among politicians right now. Unfortunately, politicians just talk about benefits, wages and retirements. Workloads are now increasing and so many stations are actually closed. Firefighters are now basically forced to work much harder and get paid a lot less. Unfortunately, even if firefighters to have some benefits, many start to look for a second job. You can find some even on new freelancing platforms like ShiftPixy. Why is this the case?

Getting Extra Training

When you find your second job you manage to become an expert in something else, not just in firefighting. So many firefighters are now working as mountain climbers or similar contractors. Putting in some little extra training in an interest area of expertise will help both the firefighter and his colleagues when faced with unexpected situations.

Getting Ready For Retirement

New firefighters now worry about the fact that they might be laid off but the older firefighters will need to also look for outlets besides work to find something in the future. Many retirees have problems retiring because of the active life they lived as firefighters. At the same time, the paycheck instantly becomes lower. With the lower income it is hard to live. Sometimes the second job is not needed because of the financial aspect but this is also a possibility that should be considered.

Lack Of Overtime

One of the ways in which firefighters managed to get by was overtime but there are many departments now that are closing. Also, some are borrowing out their rigs. Because of all this, overtime tends to go away. That little extra monthly income just goes away so a second job can easily help.

The Need To Have Extra Skills

There are some firefighters that have to get ready in the event that they are fired. Politicians do not actually lay off the firefighters but there are many sheriff officers and police officers that were laid off. If this continues, firefighters might be on the “menu”. Those that were recently hired are those that need to be ready. Having extra skills from the second job will help them a lot to quickly recover after losing the job as a firefighter.

Pay Cuts May Appear

Taking a pay cut is possible for firefighters. The same can be said about benefits. Firefighters can even have to put more money into extra medical benefits or retirement benefits. Nowadays, politicians and management try to save themselves. They are officially looking for a solution but firefighters end up having to deal with the possibility of taking a pay cut. The second salary will help avoid this from happening.

Better Dealing With The Firefighting Job

Firefighters need to learn a lot, especially during their first years on the job. This should continue all throughout the career but it is not as easy as it may seem. New opportunities rarely appear while on the job so climbing the career ladder can be difficult. Through the second job the modern firefighter can get brand new skills that are going to help a lot in the future, like computer programming or even woodworking.

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