Eat more and still lose weight. Follow this Instagrammer’s surprising tips and tricks

An Instagram post where Nessa Sphere juxtaposes a before/after photo to highlight her transformation.

We have all been there: You start a diet, then find that you are starving or unable to consume/avoid foodstuffs over a longer stretch of time. Soon, you are back to square one, and several kilos heavier after the initial success of the diet. But what if you could eat more than you do now and still lay off the weight? An earlier research showed that shedding consistent kilos each week can help keep the weight off over the long term.

Germany and Luxembourg-based Instagram star Nessa Sphere (40) has put forward this intriguing prospect, and, as expected, has become a bigger star than what she was all this while. Sphere has worked in the finance industry where she focused on her work at the cost of her health and ended up gaining weight. She decided to try living a healthy lifestyle and started documenting it on Instagram. Her account now boasts of 360k followers.

In a recent post, she writes, “Food is your friend not your enemy…Unknown to most people, one of the biggest reasons they don’t get results they aim for, is simply NOT eating enough. When people start their fitness journey, they add a lot of cardio to their daily routine and cut calories way too low to get results faster. But that is actually working against them….When you’re not eating enough, your body sort of panics and you can send it into a starvation mode. Your metabolism slows down because it doesn’t know when and where its next round of calories is coming from…This kind of plateau can push some people to eating less and at the end it leads to real problems you can’t recover easily from.”

Through her Instagram page, she shares her diet plans, gives tips on how to eat right and even juxtaposes before/after photos of how eating more has helped her. While she worked hard to exercise and lose weight, she also changed her meal routine to include six balanced meals a day and a calorie intake of 2,000 to 2,200.

“I turned on my metabolism, I constantly progress, I look leaner although I gained weight, I am stronger and I feel great,” she says in a post, adding, “Building muscle, weight loss or body recomposition is a patience game. It takes time and consistency to make it work. Don’t skip meals, make food your friend not your enemy and remember, eating more is the key to losing more and looking better.”