EaseUS Data Recovery Software: A Must Keep In Your System

Data recovery software have been slowly making a permanent place for themselves in our computer system. This is only due to one reason, which is more people are losing their data on a regular basis. Data recovery software assist a person in recovering their important data, which they might have deleted due to a mistake or because of an unexpected situation. In order to tackle these problems, data recovery software are available, each with different features and benefits.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data recovery software has been one of the leading data recovery software among others. It has gained a high amount of reputation due to its simplified and reliable features. The recovery software benefits from its effective tools that bring forth results. The software utilizes an interactive, yet simplified interface to make sure that all tools are available in front of the user.

The software allows the user to recover variety of files including documents, video, music, compressed and email files. It is also able to recover files that have been lost due to hard disk crash, formatted disk, virus attacks, corrupted storage devices, OS crash, lost partitions etc.

The recovery software also supports Apple device data recovery, which is a rare-seen capability in most recovery software today. And if you own a Mac laptop or any apple device, this software can efficiently help you recover your desired files.

The software recovers files by recollecting data remnants from the hard drive. Data remnants are pieces of data left behind by the file, even if it has been lost or permanently deleted. The software is able to recover these from the hard disk, and once they have been found, the software begins to use them to reconstruct the files.

How to operate the software

After you first launch the software, it will analyse all the storage devices connected. Afterwards, it will prompt you to select a location where the search has to begin. As soon as you select a device, the search process will start. The search begins with the quick scan mode.

The quick scan mode is a reliable and fast mode, which puts emphasis on offering results within a few minutes. It quickly runs over the disk analysing and recovering any data remnants, which might have been lost recently.

The deep scan mode is a more advanced mode, which improves on the quick scan mode, as it searches for all data remnants present on the disk, while also search all hidden and inaccessible files. Due to this, this mode takes more time than quick scan mode to complete.

Afterwards, as both the scan modes are finished, the results are displayed and the user can choose to recover them one by one or recover multiple files at once. The free data recovery software also offers the user the capability to import or export results, so you do not have to search again and again. A preview feature is also provided for people who wish to see the contents of the file before recovering it.