Destiny Guide: Where to Find Specific Level 335 Gear

The April Update, which debuted last month in Destiny, brought with it a new Light level cap of 335. That set fans back on the grind to go from the old level cap of 320 (or wherever they fell below that) to raise their Light to new levels. Along with the April Update came a new multitude of ways to earn high level loot.

One reddit user has compiled all the information into one convenient image to help Destiny fans to know where to find the gear they need to hit 335.

Destiny 335 Specific Gear Table

This infographic created by reddit user uncleyosh comes from feedback from the Destinycommunity after posting a less-detailed version, which originally started as this image:

Both are helpful for Destiny players to know exactly what to expect from certain activities and lets them know where the highest loot can be found.

Let’s highlight a few details. New to the April Update, Rare and Legendary engrams can now decrypt up to 310.

For those who didn’t reach 320 before the update, there’s plenty of 320 gear to be found in Iron Banner Rank 3 and 5 packages (giving an artifact and Ghost shell, respectively). 320 gear can also now drop from King’s Fall Normal Mode and Prison of the Elders’ new Level 41 variant. Rare (blue) gear that drops inside the new Challenge of the Elders mode can also drop up to 320.

However, the great thing about Destiny since the April Update is that 330s are even easier to get in some respects than 320 gear. All Vanguard, Crucible, and Faction packages (which are being awarded at a more frequent rate post-update) drop up to 330. For those who have stopped ranking up with the Gunsmith might want to rethink that — packages from Banshee have also been upgraded to cap at 330.

Ranking up with Variks and the House of Judgment will also award up to 330 gear. The Trials of Osiris Gold Tier bounty, “His Eye Upon You,” will also drop up to 330 gear. Bungie has also made that bounty refresh daily, so it’s possible to complete that bounty four times per weekend per character (which would result in 12 packages in one weekend if completed across three characters). Nightfalls, which are not only a great source of Vanguard and Faction reputation, also can drop Legendary-tier gear at 330.

Of course, most players have their eyes set on 335 gear, which is understandable especially since the new 1-for-1 Infusion system can take a lot of gear instantly up to the level cap. Here are all the places to get 335 gear:

  • The Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Chest
  • Trials of Osiris rewards at 5 and 7 wins
  • Iron Banner post-match rewards
  • Iron Banner Rank 5 package
  • Shaxx Weekly Bounty rewards
  • King’s Fall Hard Mode including Challenge Mode
  • Strike-Specific Loot Drops
  • Exotics rewarded from the Nightfall
  • Artifacts that drop in Court of Oryx Tier 2 and 3
  • Challenge of the Elders rewards
  • Elders’ Sigil rewards
  • Any Exotic engram

When compared to Destiny since launch, right now during “The Taken Spring” (as it’s called by fans in this post-update state of the game), is the most rewarding the game has ever been. For those fans who don’t raid often, there are plenty of paths to take to get to Light level 335.

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