Image result for resogun ps4 reviewResogun and Farming Simulator 17 are the two latest games to get PS4 Prosupport patched in. The update for Farming Simulator is out now, while Resogun’s upgrade will be available “soon enough,” according to its developer Housemarque.

Farming Simulator 17 players can choose from three modes. Ultra HD runs at 4K resolution with an unconfirmed frame rate; Quad HD displays the game at 1440p and 60 FPS; or just HD mode, which is the lowest resolution mode at 1080p, but it does come with a 60 FPS and an improved draw distance.

Housemarque did not detail what Resogun’s PS4 Pro patch will include. The company did announce a new game called Nex Machina at PSX though–check out the reveal trailer here.

We enjoyed Resogun here at GameSpot, with critic Peter Brown awarding it an 8. For more, check out our full Resogun review. Alternatively, take a look at the full list of every PS4 Pro game that is and isn’t getting an upgrade.

[Source:- gamespot]

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