6 reasons rummy will change way think

Rummy is a card game that most people in India understand as well as enjoy playing. The game is popular because it can be played by people of all ages. Moreover, apart from entertainment, it gives you much more that you wouldn’t expect from a mere game of cards. Now, if we have already got you curious, here are 6 reasons why rummy will completely change the way you think:

  • It will teach you to plan the next move

In the rummy card game, if you really wish to win, you must plan your moves well in advance. You need to decide what card to dispose based on what card you do not need. While choosing a card to dispose, you also need to make sure that the next person does not need the card. This means each move needs to be planned wisely.

  • It will teach you multiple use of a card

In the Indian rummy game, apart from the existing jokers, a sign is pulled out from the deck and this also plays the role of the joker. It can be used instead of any card in the set or artificial sequences. This makes you consider each such card wisely. When you use such jokers in natural sequences, you must also keep your eyes open and see whether it makes up some other set as you get a new card.

  • It will teach you a bit of organising

The answer to ‘how to play rummy’ comes as simply as:

  1. Make 2 sequences which are together called life
  2. Make 2 sets or 2 more sequences

But to do this, you need to possess some organising skills. You need to know how to use cards to create a sequence or how to arrange the cards to make a set. This means you learn how to organise what is in your hand.

  • It will tell you how to manage money

The game of rummy is quite similar to the art of managing money. First you need to make life or manage the essential expenses. After that, you can spend on luxuries just like you make further sets or sequences in rummy. This means that someone who is an expert in rummy will also be good at managing money or finances.

  • It will help you learn to quit in time

While most people do not understand this, quitting is also an art. If you quit in time, you won’t end up losing much. This applies to life as well as rummy. A good player passes if he does not have a hand and quits if he thinks he is not going to make it.

  • You will learn to make optimum use of time

Time management is crucial in this game. You must know how to play the move within the time given to you. This means that you should be able to decide the next move quickly.

It is easy to understand how rummy can completely change the way you think.

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