5 Room Additions to Increase Your Property Value Immediately

Updating the function of your home is a great way to increase the value. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding an extra room. Below are five great ideas for room additions that will add extra value to your home right away.


Many young families looking for a home are attracted by the features of a playroom or nursery already included. It saves the time and expense of trying to figure where to incorporate it into the layout of the house. This is one room addition that will help your home move faster if you ever desire to place it on the market for sale.

Extra Bedroom

Having a spare bedroom is great for holidays and unexpected overnight guests. Rarely will people turn down the offer of the couch, but you will feel better about being able to offer the guests a comfortable space of their own to use while they visit. You can always use the space as a home office in between guest stays.


Catching a few rays of sunshine, while enjoying the cool indoors is possible by adding a sunroom. No matter what the weather may be like outside, you can still take in natural light. It makes a perfect spot to sit and read, watch a movie, or simply enjoy some relaxing downtime.

Additional Bathroom

Homes with three and more bedrooms are challenged if there is only one bathroom. You will immediately increase the value of your home by creating an additional bathroom, whether it is simple, or you decide to create an absolute oasis. The addition of a master bath off of the main bedroom is one of the best selling points you can invest in.

Workout Room

Fitness is a big deal nowadays. Everyone understands the imp[ortance of exercise, but many people do not want to workout amongst strangers at a fitness center. You can have a fitness room custom designed to suit your needs. You can add plenty of windows, the floor space needed for exercise equipment and a special area for aerobics or yoga.

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