3 Simple Ways To Reduce How Much Spam Email You Receive

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The internet is now a huge part of our lives. It can help us in so many different ways but there are various new problems we have to deal with because of the simple fact that we use it. Receiving hundreds of spam emails is an example of just that. Unwanted advertising filled the internet and can be quite irritating. Also, spam so often fills websites and email addresses when volume is really high.

According to Steven Scott Google now works really hard at stopping mail simply because of the fact that modern spammers are using highly advanced tools that drastically increase how much unsolicited mail can be sent.

The really good news is that most of the tools used by spammers are automatic. They just do not create lists of email addresses they can eventually spam. Due to this you can do some things that will reduce how much spam you have to deal with, including the following.

Use CAPTCHA For Forms

The CAPTCHA is forcing people to enter some sort of randomized code if they want to submit online forms or access some parts of a website. The randomized code is usually offered in a distorted manner so that just a human can properly identify it. The spam bot is not going to be able to read the instructions that have to be followed for the test to be passed. A form cannot be submitted and the amount of spam received by sites is drastically reduced.

Don’t Add The Email Address To The Website

If you own a website and you add the email address on it, there is a huge possibility that you are going to eventually receive a ton of emails. Unfortunately, in many cases the site owner wants to be contacted by those that want to make a purchase or that are interested in some sort of partnership.

There are different solutions that can be used in order to not have to use the email address on the website. In some cases the mail address is presented as an image while in others a CAPTCHA code has to be added for the email address to be revealed. No matter the solution you choose, be sure that you do something so your email address is not easy to be copied by the spambots.

Unsubscribe From Newsletters

Most people end up subscribing to some newsletters without much care or in order to gain access to something specific, like an ebook or a contest. After that, they simply ignore the messages. Unfortunately, if you interacted with a newsletter message in the past, there is a high possibility spam bots will not identify the messages as something you do not care about. This is why you need to manually unsubscribe from those newsletters you do not read.

Always look at whether or not you actually want to subscribe to a mailing list in the first place. For instance, if you want to create an account on a site and you do not have to subscribe, why do it?

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